Charlie Sheard

20 Sept – 8 October 2005

Tim Olsen Gallery


Two artists have inspired me continuously for twenty years, the
sixteenth century Venetian painter Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), and the
twentieth century poet Ezra Pound. In the work of both of these men,
technical mastery of the highest order is married to visionary
intensity and spendour.

For some years I have been working with techniques in general from
Venetian Renaissance models, and in particular from Titian, whose
pictures exhibit extraordinary layering of colour, thereby achieving an
unprecedented richness and complexity of optical effect. Such effects,
arising out of the dynamic relationship between opacity and
transperancy in the oil medium, lend themselves suggestively to the
rendering of atmospheric light. Like many painters before me (such
asTurner, and Monet in his late work), I have drawn deeply on this
branch of Titian's endeavour.'

– Charlie Sheard,

from Exhibition Catalogue 'Homage to Tiziano and Ezra Pound,' 2000