Philip Hunter
Plains 2004

2 March – 13 March

Tim Olsen Gallery Annex

Tim Olsen Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of 'Plain's', a deluxe suite of fourteen etchings by Philip Hunter. 'Plain's' was produced in collaboration with master printmaker John Neeson, and is printed on Magnani Pescia 300GSM and Magnani Incisioni 310GSM. Presented in a handcrafted and bound solander box, this limited edition suite is the first major body of works on paper to become available to collectors. 'I have observed the endless shifts of shadow patterns cast by clouds on the surface of the land and the influence of the wind upon the soil and grasses of the plains. Further observations such as the flight pattern of birds – the straight line flight of crows, the larrikin loops of cockatoos or the mesmerising sweep of swallows over isolated waterways – have each contributed to this suite along with drawings of the random meanderings of livestock working through paddocks'. Philip Hunter