John Olsen
Available Etchings 2007

1 August – 20 October 2007

Tim Olsen Gallery Annex

John Olsen has a deserved place as the elder
statesman of Australian art. His vision and passion for life and the
landscape is a compelling trademark in his work.

Olsen uses the
drawn life as the pure energy. He abstracts the form and the landscape
to create images of the landscape and the forces that resinate from it.
He is held in every major collection. His Five Bells at the Art Gallery of NSW is rated by the gallery’s Director, Edmund Capon, as the most important purchase in recent years.

Olsen possesses a great wit that manifests in his imagery. This is a
trait that sets him apart from his contemporaries and has made him one
of the most popular artists without compromising his artistic vision.

John Olsen Available Etchings 2007