Paul Davies
Recent Paintings 2007

20 March – 7 March 2007

Tim Olsen Gallery


Working mostly in acrylic, Paul Davies makes use of stencil techniques to create depth with hard-edged horizontal stripes of strong colour. The results are striking but also slightly eerie. In his series of paintings depicting the kinds of architecturally adventurous villas you associate with the Rat Pack, the houses are fabulous – jutting concrete slabs, acres of glass, shimmering pools – but there’s no-one home. It’s as though someone dropped a neutron bomb on Palm Springs.

Paul's 2005 show at blank_space in Surry Hills was the first sell-out show for that gallery and the asking price for his paintings has jumped from the high hundreds to the $1200-$5000 bracket in less than a year.

– Jason Blake

Sydney Morning Herald, June 27, 2006

Paul Davies Recent Paintings 2007