Two Moons- Phantom Surge No. 2 2011

© Philip Hunter

153 x 137cm  $48,000

oil on linen

The Paddock Suite 2004

© Philip Hunter

5 x (33 x 29)cm  $27,500

oil on linen

Latticed Shadows 2008

© Philip Hunter

122 x 213cm  $50,000

oil on linen    SOLD

Salt Creep with Fence No. 1 2008

© Philip Hunter

136 x 305cm  $75,000

oil on linen    SOLD

Dusty Loop No. 1 2007

© Philip Hunter

71 x 55cm  $16,000

oil on linen    SOLD

Water Memory 2007

© Philip Hunter

153 x 213cm  $65,000

oil on linen    SOLD

Seabed – Inland 2007

© Philip Hunter

122 x 213cm  $50,000

oil on linen    SOLD

Lines in the Dirt No 2 2007

© Philip Hunter

152 x 137cm  $40,000

oil on linen

Wimmera Moon No.2

© Philip Hunter

197 x 167 cm  

Oil on linen     

Wimmera Lake – Cope Cope III, 2001 2001

© Philip Hunter

229 x 213 cm  

Oil on canvas     

Traces of Tide 2007

© Philip Hunter

35 x 25cm  $3,800

gouache on paper    SOLD

Soil Migration No.2 2008

© Philip Hunter

35 x 25cm  $3,800

gouache on paper    SOLD

Sandy Waste 2008

© Philip Hunter

35 x 25cm  $3,800

gouache on paper    SOLD

Cloud and Dust Swirl 2007

© Philip Hunter

35 x 25cm  $3,800

gouache on paper    SOLD

Small Plain 6 2003

© Philip Hunter

23.5 x 17.7 cm (plate size)  $990 unframed


Small Plain 4 2003

© Philip Hunter

23.5 x 17.7 cm (plate size)  $990 unframed


Small Plain 2 2003

© Philip Hunter

23.5 x 17.7 cm (plate size)  $990 unframed


Large Plain 7 2003

© Philip Hunter

33 x 27 cm (plate size)  $1,200 unframed



Philip Hunter

'Hunter's art is not topographical. He is not so much interested in place as in experience of place. That said, the prolonged and repeated visits to particular areas mean the continuing fertility of these places for the artist's imaginative endeavours and a concomitant power of expressive force. Substitutions of place are the outcome of the artist's intellectual and creative processes. For Hunter a move signifies an inner call for new resources from which to extrapolate those elements which feed his expressive needs.'

'Hunter's palette is restricted to earth colours and the ubiquitous white. The drama of expression he achieves wthin this restricton speaks of the strength of his meditations on how to organize the layerings of his experience onto a canvas surface. The finished product is always visually dense and activated. The viewer is an actual witness to the artists processes, to the selection of motives, forms, colours, rhythms, and textures which gives limits to those chaotic forces which have shaped the artist and the natural phenomena which are his source.'

Peter Haynes, extracts from 'Philip Hunter,' Exhibition Catalogue, Nolan Gallery, Canberra August 1998

1958 Born at Donald, Australia
Solo exhibitions

2005 Christine Abrahams Gallery, Melbourne

Phillip Bacon Gallery, Brisbane
2004 The Long Paddock, Melbourne Art Fair

Flatlands, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Plains, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2003 Philip Bacon Gallery, Brisbane
2002 Wimmera: The work of Philip Hunter, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2001 The Plains, The Ian Potter of Art, The University of Melbourne, in conjunction
2000 Ben Grady Gallery, Canberra
1999 Geelong Art Gallery, Geelong

Ben Grady Gallery, Canberra

Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne
1998 The Nolan Gallery, Lanyon, Canberra

Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne
1995 Changing Landscapes New Prospects, Meridian Gallery, Melbourne
1992 The Territory 1st Hemisphere, Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

The Garden Cycle, Macquarie Gallery, Sydney
1990 The Visit Cycle, City Gallery, Melbourne
1989 The Continent Cycle, City Gallery, Melbourne
1987 United Artists Gallery, Melbourne

Warrnambool Art Gallery,Vic.
1986-7 Arden Street, Melbourne
1984 Christine Abrahams Gallery (Axiom Gallery), Melbourne
1982 Axiom Gallery, Melbourne
Selected group exhibitions

2008 Contemporaneous: Australian Contemporary Painting 1, Wangaratta Exhibitions Gallery, Victoria
1998 National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula Gallery.

The Sixth Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melb.

Geelong Contemporary Art Prize, Geelong Art Gallery
1996 The Sulman Prize, The Art Gallery of NSW

Archibald, Wynne & Sulman Prizes: Regional Tour of Selected Works –

Regional Gallery, Grafton Regional Gallery, Lismore Regional Gallery.

Geelong Contemporary Art Prize, Geelong Art Gallery
1994 Between the Paddock and the House, Philip Hunter and Greg Wain,

The Baillieu Myer Collection, Museum of Modern Art at Heide, Melbourne
1993 Moet & Chandon Touring Exhib.
1992 Moet & Chandon Touring Exhib.
1991 Moet & Chandon Touring Exhib.

Tokyo Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan

Transitional Times: the Approaching Fin de Siecle, Victorian Print Workshop,
1990 Recent Acquisitions 1986 – 1990, National Gallery of Victoria, Melb.

Second Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Exhibition Building, Melb.
1989 6 x 3 and Paul Grabowsky Performance, (Spiral Scratch Records), City
1988 Moet & Chandon Touring Exhib.

A New Generation, Philip Morris Collection, Australian National Gallery

Directors' Choice Exhibition, Storey Hall, RMIT Gallery, Melb.
1987 Artists in the Field, Darwin Natural History and Fine Arts Museum, Darwin

Koongarra: Philip Hunter and Ian Friend, National Australia Bank, Collins
1986 Slouching Towards Bethlehem, 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne

Fears and Scruples, The University of Melbourne Gallery
1984 The Australians, C.D.S. Gallery, New York
1983 Australian Perspecta, The Art Gallery of New South Wales
1982 Young Melbourne Painters, Monash University Gallery, Melb.

Ansett Art Award, Hamilton Art Gallery, Victoria
Awards and Commissions
1998 Deutsche Bank 1996 – 99 Australian Postgraduate Research Award
1994-95 Melbourne University Postgraduate Scholarship
1992 Print Council, Visual Arts Board Grant
1984 Australia Council, Visual Arts Board Grant
1982 Ansett Art Award
Selected Collections
Australian National Gallery , Canberra

Monash University, Victoria

Hamilton Art Gallery, Victoria

Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria

National Gallery of Victoria, Victoria

Warrnambool Art Gallery, Victoria

The Baillieu Myer Collection, Museum of Modern Art at Heide, Victoria

Shell Australia Collection

Deutsche Bank

City of Banyule Art Collection

Tamworth City Art Gallery, N.S.W

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston

Customs House Gallery, Victoria

Canson Australia Pty. Ltd., Victoria

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Victoria

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania

Deakin University, Victoria

Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

Mildura Arts Centre, Victoria

Victorian College of the Arts, Victoria


Macquarie Bank
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