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Tim  Summerton

Tim Summerton

Tim Summerton was born in Sydney in 1978. He completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Newcastle in 1998 and an Honours degree in Fine Art from the University of NSW in 2000.

Summerton has been exhibiting with Tim Olsen Gallery since 2002 where he launched his solo career.

Tim Summerton’s works present an immense sophistication in the application of paint. The works evolve from layered backgrounds of brightly coloured warm tones that he manipulates with combinations of saturated hues and neutral oil paint in a wet on wet application. The complex surfaces that appear are speckled with sweeping brush strokes, fine scratches, marks and details left from the paint layering process.

The paintings are rendered from observations of the landscape, scenes from Summerton’s trips to the coastal dunes near Seal Rocks in Northern NSW; and Victoria’s Wilson’s Promontory, and more recently the landscape surrounding NSW's Kangaroo Valley and the Southern Highlands.

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