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Charlie  Sheard

Charlie Sheard

The artist’s job is to master traditional forms and
techniques, in order to maintain and develop the continuum of a living art
form. It is only by such means that any artist can hope to create intelligible
and meaningful structures, and for innovation to amount to anything more than
mere novelty.

Following the lead Kandinsky provides in his seminal essay
Concerning the Spiritual in Art, my understanding as a practicing artist is as
follows: by developing a language of purely abstract forms, the painter
develops a kind of antidote to the extreme materialism of our moment. I have
devoted my last five years to developing this type of pure abstraction.
Kandinsky has been central to my endeavor, but I have also drawn on Ancient
Greek models, Byzantine decorative forms, Northern Gothic idioms and German Romanticism,
as well as from developments in nineteenth century Symbolist practice.


– Charlie Sheard
13 January 2011


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