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Tim Olsen Man in Black

Messenger Collective March 8 2013
Jade Dunwoody

Tim Olsen's presence is nothing short of colourful as he welcomes us with open arms into his gallery – except it doesn't feel like a gallery as much as it does a home, with Tim ushering us to the lounge as he makes us tea. We don't have to look took far to see a painting or two. Here is where I should mention were not in the crisp white oblong space that is the stunning Tim Olsen Gallery. We're upstairs in Tim's office, albeit it’s not what I expect.
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State of Art

The Sydney Magazine February 22nd 2013
Elissa Blake

With Sydney's commercial galleries struggling to get people through the door due to the rise of online trading, attitudes to selling in the art world are being forced to change. Elissa Blake speaks with art dealers and artists about their survival strategies.
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Small joy flows from a lake of tears

The Daily Telegraph 24/3/12
Elizabeth Fortescue

When Paul Lockyer took off on his fateful tril to Lake Eyre last August, the veteran ABC journalist left a manuscript for his family to read while he was away.
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Olsen offers painting in honour of ABC's Lockyer

The Australian 24/3/12
Sallie Don

John Olsen made the final touches to his latest ainting of Lake Eyre only a few days ago. Approaching Lake Eyre was his memorial to Paul Lockyer, the ABC journalist who died in a helicopter crash alongside cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst at Lake Eyre in August last year.


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Australia Day: The nation in landscape

The Sydney Morning Herald 26/1/2012
Leo Robba

The Herald invited 12 artists to share a glimpse of the country through their eyes.
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Couples have wedding registries down to a fine art

The Sydney Morning Herald Monday, October 10, 2011
Louise Schwartzkoff

By the time Felicity Smith and Paul Lowe decided to get married, they owned a house in Darlinghurst and had enough kitchenware and manchester to last them decades. Rather than risk an avalanche of salad bowls and steak knives on their wedding day next month, the couple have asked guests to contribute towards at $12,000 abstract painting.

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Money not enough? Try karma

The Sunday Herald 22/08/10
Andrew Taylor

When the terrace next to Tim Olsen’s gallery went to auction last weekend, he decided that money alone would not be sufficient to make him the successful bidder. So he asked two Buddhist nuns, Venerable Katy and Venerable Aileen to assist in buying the property in Jersey Road, Woollahra that he had been renting to store artworks.
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Art Month

The (Sydney) Magazine February 2010
Dominic Rolfe

Picture if you will, a precinct filled with other worlds, great masters, rising stars and tomorrow's heroes. Dominic Rolfe dons his walking shoes for a magical art tour of the galleries of Paddington and Woollahra.
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Following his Art: Tim Olsen's life was mapped out from birth

The Daily Telegraph November 2009
Jenny Ringland

Tim Olsen is one of Australia's best known art gallery owners; he is
also the son of one of Australia's most

celebrated living artists, John Olsen. Given his artistic heritage, Tim
always knew his life would be intertwined in the art world; it was just a
question of how. "I went to art school, but I was intimidated by having
a famous father," he says. "I did a degree in art education to teach
children and the art gallery thing evolved. I like the lifestyle of
dealing with artists, who are like second nature to me."

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The Sydney Morning Herald August 7 2008
Melissa Penfold

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Now to focus on artistic sensibility

The Australian Financial Review Thursday 31 July 2008
Terry Ingram

Sydney art dealer Tim Olsen will ask 10 of his current stable of 40 artists to find new representation, in one of the biggest culls of a gallery stable since the contemporary art boom began to gather pace in the late 1990s.

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Belle Magazine Oct/Nov 2007
Leta Keens

Tim Olsen's new and improved gallery has the Sydney art community in a buzz. Belle spoke exclusively to him about the nes space, growing up with that famous name and his own brush with an artistic life.
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Olsen's strokes of good luck

The Australian Financial Review Tuesday 22 May 2008, p30.
Katrina Strickland

Tim Olsen has two reasons to be happy this week – Philip Hunter and the federal government's impending resale royalty, writes Katrina Strickland.
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On Display

Vogue Living Australia August 2007
Arts and Events Section

OPEN SPACE – For just over twelve years, Tim Olsen, has gathered some
of this country's most exciting artistic talent in his iconic
Paddington gallery. Following on from this success, Olsen has created a
stunning new dual-level gallery in Woollhra.

"I want this to be a place of positivity…that the art we maintain
here elevates the level of beauty," Olsen says. The first artist to
show in the new gallery was Guy Maestri, one of Olsen's youngest
starts. "Guy's work has a vigour and an exuberance, being able to work
in an abstract figurative way".

Picture Perfect

Vogue May 2006
Words by Antonia Williams

Given his line of work and his lineage it's not surprising that the
walls of Tim Olsen's family home are lined with an enviable collection
of modern art.

Photography by Hugh Stewart