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Olsen's King Sun rises

The Age 30 July 2013
Dewi Cooke

Amid the glass walls and muted tones of Docklands' commercial building clusters, something vibrant and altogether more organic has risen. A quivering sun, its rays unfurling in orange, pink and splotches of green across an immense canvas (six by eight metres) was installed at the weekend under the watchful eye of its creator, famed Australian artist John Olsen.

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Paul Ryan July 16th, 2013

Paul Ryan is an Illawara based painter and sculptor. Born in New Zealand, Ryan migrated to Australia in 1973. He studied at Wollongong TAFE and at the University of Wollongong. Ryan has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. He has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including ten times in the Archiblad Prize. Ryan has won a number of art prizes including the 2010 Paddington prize, 2012 Geelong Prize, and 2013 Bay of Fires Prize.
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Sublime Modernism July 4, 2013
Philippa Daly

Paul Davies paints a house we all know. With its clean lines, simple proportions and defined angles, the house Davies depicts is textbook modernism- a building recognisable the world over. 
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The work of Peter Booth. An intuitive artist of uncompromising vision

Artist Profile July 2013
Steve Lopes

In his latest exhibition in Sydney, at Olsen Irwin gallery, Peter Booth was keen to show his drawings and works on paper together, echoing important shows he has earlier in his career at Pinacotheca Gallery Melbourne, where unframed works were pinned to the walls. This simple style of presentation added to the immediacy of the works, making them accessible to the view in a very intimate and tactile way.
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Salute the Sun

Sydney Morning Herald – Spectrum June 24 2013
Ali Gripper

In his twilight years, John Olsen is taking on one of the biggest challenges of his career. Ali Gripper steps inside his studio to find an exuberant tribute to the Australian landscape.
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The Pace. Tales from Influential Men

Men's Style Winter 2013. Issue #55
Michael Pickering

Inspired by artists such as David Hockney and Jeffrey Smart, the Sydney artist's work is based on abandoned architecture.
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Big Fish

Art Collector May 2013
Janet Hawley

Big Fish

Art Collector

May 2013 

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The new influencers

Harpers Bazaar June 2013
Noelle Faulkner

Meet the talents currently reshaping Australian culture, from stage to gallery to turntable. Remember these names, says Noelle Faulkner.
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Portrait is very well Done

Mosman Daily April 2013
Kate Crawford

While not instantly recognisable, Ken Done has once again show his face at the Archibald Prize.

The Mosman artist has been painted by Melbourne artist Amanda Marburg and the portrait hung in the Archibald. Self Portraits by Done have been finalists in the Archibald twice, in 1984 and 2011.
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Cultural Capital

Sydney Morning Herald April 2013
Darryn King

The moment of creative inspiration is often characterised as a flash, a spark, a spontaneous flicking of a light switch or – somewhat dangerously – a lightning strike. Yesterday visited Paul McCartney in a dream. William Blake and Giacomo Puccini described themselves as careful transcribers of heavenly dictation.
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Photographer snaps up prize

Sydney Morning Herald Thursday, February 14, 2013

When photographer Tamara Dean won a prestigious trip to the US, no one was more surprised than she was.
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Noah's art lets innocence shine

The Sydney Morning Herald 28 January 2013
Andrew Taylor

TIM OLSEN will not hang the artworks of any old celebrity in his gallery.

The gallery owner said he turned down showing works by tennis great Martina Navratilova and Sir Paul McCartney.

''I'm too busy to do a pretentious exhibition of someone just because they're famous,'' he said.

he was drawn to the Australian actor Noah Taylor's artworks ''because
he's a f—ing good artist … he's not trying to give a lesson in nude
drawing or classical cross-hatching.''
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Noah takes time out for a doodle

Daily Telelgraph January 28 2013
Elizabeth Fortescue

"I think everyone has their own doodling style," says Taylor, a
prominent actor ever since his appearance in the 1987 hit film, The Year
My Voice Broke.

He is referring to that automatic writing of
symbols that people indulge in when they're "on the phone and talking
about whatever to an accountant or something". He has found his personal
symbols have tended towards the figurative.
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Behind the lines of Noah Taylor's art

The Australian January 26 2013
Alex Speed

IF you came of age in Australia in the 1980s, as I did, you will
probably be familiar with the name Noah Taylor. You must also recall The
Year My Voice Broke, the movie about sexual awakening, teenage angst
and unrequited love in a country town that launched the acting career of
a gawky-looking kid from St Kilda.
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Noah Taylor's art a place to connect with people in depth

The Nation – The Australian January 26 2013
Rick Morton

NOAH Taylor may be a fixture in the Australian psyche for his acting
performances over 27 years but his passion has always been closer to
canvas than cameras.

Taylor, who scored his breakthrough role in
The Year My Voice Broke in 1987, has revealed little of himself in
interviews over the years but he told The Weekend Australian his art was
a connection to people.
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Pavement: Colour My World

Vogue Living Feb 2013

Artist Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs works with his signature solid colour and organic shapes to showcase the latest paints in vibrant style.
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Nicholas Harding

The Sydney Magazine Feb 2013
Elissa Blake

In a loft studio in the old Westons biscuit factory in Camperdown, Nicholas Harding is trying to find a clean chair to sit on. Everything in the room – the easels, his shoes, the floor – is covered in dollops of dried paint that appear to be building up like a coral reef.

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Art, Paint + Sculpture: Artist Paul Davies

Gym Class Magazine Autumn 2012
Ingmar Apinis

Modernist homes and a bright colour palette caught our attention, but its what Australian artist Paul Davies is not showing us that has kept us interested.
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At Home With.. Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy

The Sun Herald Sunday, November 18 2012
Jo Casamento

Jewellery designer and artist Stephen Ormandy is perfectly happy to be working for the Olsen 'family firm', as he explained to Jo Casamento, just before his solo exhibition opened at the Tim Olsen Gallery.
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Bird Girl

Belle Magazine Nov 7 2012
Harry Roberts

Leila Jeffreys finds her wings giving flight to birdlife as art.
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Pretty Boy

Vogue Living Nov/Dec 2012
Madeleine Hinchey

Meet Slim, a sulphur-crested cockatoo snapped by Leila Jeffreys as part of her native Australian cockatoo portrait series. Her photographs, printed at over one metre tall, capture the endearing personalities of these beloved birds, from shy and sweet to downright cheeky. 7–25 November, Tim Olsen Gallery, 63 Jersey Road, Woollahra NSW;
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Wild Cockatoos by Leila Jeffreys

Coco Republic Field Notes October 8 2012
Beth Finchk

I have always had an inexplicable fascination with birds, particularly the unique array we have here in Australia – from Lorikeets to Lyrebirds and everything in between.
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Marisa Purcell: Halo

Art Almanac 30 September 2012
Jillian Grant

Ethereality is inherent in Marisa Purcell’s latest body of work, aptly titled ‘Halo’, presented by Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney. Her series of oil paintings are contemporary meditations on pre-Renaissance sacred imagery, responding particularly to the work of Fra Angelico in Florence’s San Marco monastery, which took Purcell’s interest during her residency in Chianti, Italy earlier this year.
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Design News

Brisbane Magazine August 30 2012

As Brisbanes creative scene continues to burgeon, the annual design calendar is filled with gatherings that celebrate local, national and international design genius. Returning to Brisbane for the fifth year, Semi- Permanent is one such event, which will invite eight of the worlds leading artists and designers to the Australian stage to discuss their work, philosophies and design identity with the local crowd. Speakers who will be fuelling the imaginations of attendees at the event (held at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on August 30) will include artist Paul Davies, designer Ben Orpin and photographer Andrew Quilty.
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New Home for Mural

Newcastle Herald 25/08/20212
Amy Edwards

Newcastle born artist John Olsen gathered his emotions as he stood in front of his artwork at Newcastle Art Gallery yesterday evening.

Olsen painted the 1964 ceiling mural titled The Sea Sun of 5 Bells for his friend Dr Ann Lewis and it was unveiled last night as part of the gallery's latest exhibition.
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Ian Grant

Artist Profile Issue 19

My Exhibition with Tim Olsen Gallery develops the imaging of land and sky that has been a focus for me for the past 15 years. The broad source for this imagery comes from my experiences in central New South Wales, to where I often travel and where I am always an outsider, a visitor. It is my encounter there with distance, stillness and silence that I find memorable, and the imaging of this experience has propelled much of my recent painting.
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My Chilling Ordeal

Mosman Daily May 31st 2012
Kate Crawford

Artist Sophie Cape recalls avalanche terror

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An Instinctively Australian Artist

November 2011
Kate Cope

Nominated as a finalist for the past two years in the Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW, Jo Bertini’s art has come full circle. As a young, budding artist in the early 1980s, Jo eagerly left Australia for Milan and all the opportunities that Europe offered culturally and artistically. After being firmly ensconced in Italy and France for ten years, a brief visit to Australia saw Jo experience a ‘shock of recognition’ that Australia really was ‘home’.
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Living Colour

Belle Magazine 1/5/12
Alex Speed

Painter Gria Shead keeps the words of Australian still-life Margaret Olley in mind as she works. "Margaret always said, 'Paint what is in front of you' and it's a mantra that I live by," says the Sydney based artist. "what she meant is not to search too far from what's close to you and relates to your life. For her, that was painting her home. For me, it is finding a common thread linking me to the interiors of the buildings I paint."
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Pagan Rites

Australian Art Collector April 11 2012
Ashley Crawford

In her photographs Tamara Dean tries to recreate the old rites that used to mark our way through life write Ashley Crawford. Portrait by Nicholas Watt.
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Frozen moment

Vogue Australia May 2012
Alexandra Spring

If there are paintings on the walls of artist Martine Emdur's living room, I must have overlooked them. Dominating the room is a dramatic view of the Pacific Ocean, framed by French doors flung open on this balmy summer day. Fitting indeed, for the artist who has made her name exploring it's depths. "It's different every time I go underwater," says the petite Emdur, who has invited me into her home to see her latest body of work. "Theres endless amounts of offerings from down there, which I'm happy to grab."
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Men at work

GQ Australia April 1 2012

Sleek, stylish and versatile, the HP Spectre is the perfect laptop for the Modern Male.
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Angus and Tim Talk Art

The Lennox Wave March 31st

Internationally renowned Lennox Head artist Angus McDonald will join friends and guests at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa on August 9th to discuss the art world he inhabits and how it has changed in the past twenty years.
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Ben Ali Ong

Australian Art Review March/April 2012
Jane Somerville

Jane Somerville finds romance and mystery in the floating monochromatic works of a photographer whose heritage is Persian and Malaysian.
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Not the Way Home

Artist Profile March/April

Jennifer Keeler-Milne’s recent work has investigated light and space in an urban context, partly created during residences in France and Japan. In travelling to Fowlers Gap, she was forced to engage in a different mode of looking She created a suit of drawings that were inspired by what covered the ground in this desert landscape – a rich abundance of flowers and plants that had spring to life following usually high rainfall. Keeler-Milne contrasted her detailed recordings of these plants and flowers with interpretations of the seemingly endless sky.
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The Work of Paul Davies

Juxtapoz February 23 2012

We have always been fascinated by architectural fine art, whether it be Evan Hecox' city paintings or even the way that Ian Francis has incorporated buildings into his dreamy paintings. Today, we were stroked by the work of Australian artist Paul Davies, whose work is primarily concerns with modern architecture, and has been influences by the like of Jeffrey Smart and Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Death or Glory: The Rococo Rebellion of Adrienne Gaha

Paper Runway 17 Feb 2012
Anna Johnson

The Australian artist Adrienne Gaha has lived in Europe since 1993. This past summer she returned to Sydney for a solo show, a painting stint at a small studio with the National Art School and screen printing workshop in Melbourne after a fairly long hiatus from exhibiting. She took a seven-year break from painting to concentrate on her family, and in that time absorbed herself in drawing and exploring the more obscure small museums of Paris and London.
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A Big Day For… A New Start in Art

The Sydney Morning Herald 3/2/12
Matt Buchanan

You remember them, don't you? The steel sculptures of athletes appearing to strain and swing off the top of Sydney Tower, commissioned to celebrate the Sydney Olympics in 2000?
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Right Now Art

Belle Feb/Mar 2012
Anne-Maree Sargeant

Sacred Geometry


Paul Daives's paintings reveal his passion for modernist architectur, with the geometry of his house subjects juxtaposed against the surrounding landscape.

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Paul Davies

Pentimento 24/1/2012
Art Almanac

Paul Davies upcoming exhibition at the Tim Olsen Gallery 'Pentimento' February 22 – March 12 2012 is featured in the February edition of Art Alamanc, Australias gallery guide.
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Walking on Eyre

Qantas Magazine 10/1/12
Larry Writer

From Lake Eyre to Sydney Harbour the Australian landscape
remains a treasured muse for John Olsen, one of Australia’s most acclaimed

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I'm Not Ready to Go Yet

The Sydney Morning Herald – Good Weekend 10/11/12
Janet Hawley

John Olsen, our greatest living artist on squeezing the juice from his final years.


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Visceral Experience

The Mosman Daily 18/11/2011
Kate Crawford

THE dark and moody portrait
of anti-whaling campaigner Captain Paul Watson was painted “with blood, bone
and fat”, according to the artist.

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Yolngu Boy

Portrait's – National Portrait Gallery Magazine Nov 25th 2011
Ashleigh Wadman

Guy Maestri’s portrait of the musician, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu,
was conceived after the artist saw Gurrumul perform in Sydney on New
Years Eve 2008. Maestri found the performance unforgettable and
recalled that, ‘word had been going around all day and the rumours were
true- people really were moved to tears.’
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Robert Malherbe Masterclass

Artist Profile November 2011
Nicholas Harding

Artist friends, Nicholas Harding and Robert Malherbe, dscuss the influence of past masters on teir drawing practices, and what is it about these hisotrical innovators that makes their influence so enduring

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Marie Hagerty's Mutating Canvases

Australian Art Review 2/11/11
Prue Gibson

Prue Gibson explores the artists swelling and elastic forms which appear to change shape before the viewers eye.
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Ben Ali Ong – Ballads of the Dead & Dreaming

Gone at Dusk 21/9/11
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Peter Vandermark

Australian Art Review Sept-Oct 2011
Sasha Grishin

Although Peter Vandermark was born in Melbourne in 1960, he is
essentially a Canberra artist, who trained at the Australian National
University School of Art, worked for almost a decade as a studio assistant to
one of Canberra’s most famous artists, Rosalie Gascoigne, and has practised his
art from Canberra and worked in Canberra art institutions.
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John Olsen – A Life on the Line

Artist Profile Issue 16
Steve Lopes + Leo Robba

In his eighth decade, artist John Olsen’s legendary lust for life is as obvious as ever and so is his devotion to drawing, a practice that has underpinned his long and distinguished career. What is also evident when talking with Olsen is that his diverse life experiences have informed his approach to art. Memories of tough times during the Depression in the late 1920’s, creative battles of a life spent dedicated to art, and the many wonderful people who have shared his world and great places he has visited are all deeply intertwined through his work. He is still looking outward, projecting what he sees and more importantly celebrating life- just as he did as a young boy growing up in Newcastle, discovering a passion for drawing.
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Gourmet News

Gourmet Traveller July 2011
Pat Nourse

Tribute – Vale David Band

The late David Band left a distinct stamp on graphic design in Australian restaurants, writes Michael Harden.

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Olsen Finds New Shapes in the Vastness of the Landscape

The Sydney Morning Herald June 9 2011
Louise Schwartzkoff

At a table laden with paint-crusted crockery, John Olsen slides his brush into a dish if curdling watercolour. The paint is as thick and creamy as the salt deposits on the surface of Lake Eyre. It bleeds at the edges when Olsen strokes his brush across a freshly painted indigo background. “Look there,” he says. “It’s alive. And there’s sort of a running figure, you see? Ill just give it some arms.”
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Patron, paint and the ceiling

Sydney Morning Herald May 28-29 2011
Matt Buchanan

Earlier this month Sydney lost one of its great arts patrons, Ann Lewis, to cancer. Over the years Lewis enriched the culture, donating remarkable and extraordinarily valuable paintings, photography and sculpture to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery of Australia and others
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Painting Down Under: Artist Paul Davies

W Magazine Online 5/5/11
Timothy McCahil

For several years, and with hypnotic effect, Paul Davies has painted the same house over and over again. The house is always modernist – clean lines, hard angles – but the landscape around it changes constantly: in one piece, the house sits in a swamp; in another, a primeval forest, the skies above cloudy and foreboding. It’s a jarring juxtaposition, a nightmare version of an architecture magazine.

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The things that still move us: Philip Hunter in conversation with Fiona Hile

Art & Australia April 2011
Fiona Hile

Philip Hunter has talked about his work as ‘an invariably complex field of conceptual possibilities and material outcomes; a zone where different foci, fragments, textures, perspectives, illusory spaces, moods and views coexist.’  A conversation with the artist can be as complex as one of his paintings, and when I visited him recently at his Melbourne studio where he was preparing for a forthcoming exhibition at Sydney’s Tim Olsen Gallery we discussed, among other things, his recent trip to Europe; his new ‘tropical inland sea’ paintings; Borges; Calvino; wasp nests; dog fences; horseshoes; memory palaces; horizons and ‘a vast book with no pages’ . What follows is a slice taken from that conversation.
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Olsen sees the light shining from a dead heart

Sydney Morning Herald 11/04/2011
Wendy Frew

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Art 101

Inside Out April 2011
Leta Keens

Love art but unsure how to start your own collection? Experts, curators and gallery directors reveal their tips on how to find what suits your taste, budget and home.
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Art Throbs

Hapers Bazaar May 2011
Jane Albert

The hottest new creatives in the frame.
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20 Questions

Sydney Morning Herald 12/03/2011
Linda Morris

20 Questions

Guy Maestri

Archibald winner, Johnny Cash fan, Mudgee boy, coffee snob.

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GQ April 2011 edition
Tony Magnusson

Paul Davies designs the artist page for the latest edition of GQ
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Broken Dreams of An Athlete

The Mosman Daily 25/2/11
Kate Crawford

The paintings in artist Sophie Cape’s first solo exhibition reflect the pain of her former career as a downhill ski racer. Sophie’s paintings have been described as “shocking in impact with their shattered bones and broken dreams”. Sophie grew up in Mosman and is the daughter of Mosman artist Ann Cape
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Artists get their heads around animal instincts

Sydney Morning Herald 19-20/2/2011

A roar and snore sleepover with the animals this week for the Taronga Zoo artists-in-residence was perhaps more accurately a “draw and pour” (alcohol, of course). A who’s who of 20 artists including John Olsen..
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It’s all about frogs for artist John Olsen

The Mosman Daily 04-02-2011
Kate Crawford

It’s all about frogs for artist John Olsen

Prominent artist John Olsen is one of the 20 artists invited to take part in the Artists in Residence program at Taronga Zoo this year.

It is quite a coup for the zoo to have Olsen bring his sketchpad along.

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Songs for Sorrow

Better Photography Summer 2011

What does it take to become an art photographer? While well-known artists can command high prices for their work, most started with small shows and built their reputation over number of years. Ben Ali Ong is at the beginning of his career, having just secured representation with the Tim Olsen Gallery in Sydney where at his first exhibition with the gallery he sold 22 pieces.
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What Now?

Australian Art Collector Jan 2011
Courtney Kidd

What Now?


Your dazzling paintings in the 1990’s with right, clashing colours,
attracted a lot of attention. What have you been working on lately?

I’m focussing on the show coming up in March. It’s made up
of embroidery works, small scale about 30 by 30 centimetres in size and all
done by hand. Their embroidery mesh is spray-painted, they’re like the way I
work with paper. They relate to an exhibition I did back in… 

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The Getting of Wisdom

The Good Weekend, Sydney Morning Herald 11/12/10
Janet Hawley

Lessons learnt from life.

John Olsen

The artist, 82, tells what he knows about… 

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Photographer Battles to Stay in the Picture

The Sydney Morning Herald 10/11/2010
Steve Meacham

Rex Dupain quickly acknowledges his favourite subject in his
new book and exhibition, Australia: 150 Photographs. “Turn to page 57,” he
says, deadpan. “She was the most obedient model in the book. I said stay still
and she did just that. I didn’t even have to get her to sign a model release.”
The joke becomes clear when you reach the right page: a statue in Waverley

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Creative Symbolism

Inside Out Magazine 06/10/2010
Lainey George

Art, design and family come together in painter David Band's Melbourne home and studio, providing inspiration for his fertile mind.
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Secrets of the Old Masters laid bare

The Sydney Morning Herald 03/09/2010
Steve Meacham

Its contemporary painting done the old school way, writes Steve Meacham. The large, colourful Kandinsky- influences abstracts that dominate Charlie Sheard’s studio in a former warehouse in Redfern give little hint of the 50-year-old painters obsession with Titian, Velasquez and Rembrandt.
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If only I had…

The Daily Telegraph 30/8/2010

When an earthquake struck while costume’ designer Jodie Fried was in India she did what she could to help. Meeting women with excellent textile skills, her business Bholu was born. Using designs created by children, she produced cushions, throws and soft toys made by local women. Money is used to support the community. To date nine schools have been built. Colour bind.. As a big fan of David Band I would take anything from his painting collection. This one particularly strikes a chord. I love the mix of red, pink and orange. David Band, Acid Tongue #3, 2010, $9900 from Tim Olsen Gallery.
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New Portrait Head

Australian Financial Review 26/08/2010
Katrina Strickland

A deputy director at the National Portrait Gallery, Louise Doyle, is expected to be announced as its new director today. The news comes as the Canberra based institution acquires Cherry Hood’s 2002 Archibald Prize-winning portrait of pianist Simon Tedeschi, which Sydney gallery owner Tim Olsen donated to it.
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NGA buys 'tough' Olsen

The Australian Finanical Review 26/08/2010
Katrina Strickland

The National Gallery of Australia has bought John Olsen’s
Butcher’s Cart Deia de Mallorca. Painted by the 82-year-old artist in the past
year, it depicts a meat cart he used to walk past while living in Spain in the
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What Now?

Artist Profile July 2010
Jane O'Sullivan

What Now? Six contemporary artists talk about their most recent work? Matthew Johnson..
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Olsen ready to brush with MPs to save art

Sydney Morning Herald 24/6/2010
Linda Morris

John Olsen, the elder statesmen of Australian art, is preparing to go toe-to-toe with the federal government over proposed changes to superannuation policy, which he says threaten Australia’s status as a creative nation, the livelihood of emerging artists and the viability of the art market.
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Outback and Red- But Green All Over

The Australian June 19-20, 2010
Nicolas Rothwell

Revelling in outback colour
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The Art of Design

Marie Claire May 2010

Artist George Raftopoulos was amongst the several top Australian artists chosen to help celebrate 15 years of Australian Fashion Week. George collaboratively worked with designer Alex Perry to create a unique stuning piece that will be auctioned for charity.

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Ben Ali Ong Interview

Das Super Paper May 2010
William Sturrock

Of all the photographic exhibitions we're likely to see in 2010, the long anticipated solo show of Ben Ali Ong's latest series is guarenteed to be among the best. While the softly spoken artist may often be too humble to admit it, his thought and thought provoking bodies of work are nothing short of brilliant.
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The Luxe Factor

Belle June/July 2010
Tanya Buchanan

Architects and designers get to talk design all the time, but what about all the other artistic dynamos out there? Belle asks nine creative Australians to consider luxury in design. These actors, artists, fashion designers and entrepreneurs are all influenced by good form, but what is luxury for them? Overwhelmingly, beauty, originality and old-fashioned craftsmanship get the nod from this inspired group.
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The Luxe Factor

Belle June/July 2010
Tanya Buchanan

Architects and designers get to talk design all the time, but what about all the other artistic dynamos out there? Belle asks nine creative Australians to consider luxury in design. These actors, artists, fashion designers and entrepreneurs are all influenced by good form, but what is luxury for them? Overwhelmingly, beauty, originality and old-fashioned craftsmanship get the nod from this inspired group.
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Blood ties: artists prove that talent trandscends family

Sydney Morning Herald March 2010

Having a famous surname has been a great motivator for a woman called dove, writes Keilie Hush… Making a splash, John Olsen and Paloma Picasso meet for the first time at the Tim Olsen gallery in Woollahra.
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A feast for the eyes

Sydney Morning Herald March 12, 2010
Tracey Clement.

John Olsen uses paint in his culinary masterpieces, writes
Tracey Clement.
Judging by the bulging band of celebrity chefs cooking up a storm on
the telly, Australia has become a nation of foodies. But long before the
popularity of MasterChef, Jamie Oliver and the luscious Nigella, iconic
Australian painter John Olsen was getting busy in the kitchen.
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The Art of Dining – John Olsen's Creative Flair with Food

Sydney Morning Herald March 2010
Helen Pitt

For the passionate and creative John Olsen, food is art and, in

his latest exhibition and book, art is food, writes Helen Pitt.
En route to the Spanish island of Majorca, artist John Olsen had an
epiphany in Barcelona's La Boqueria market. The year was 1957 but,
growing up in 1930s Australia, he thought green beans were meant to be
khaki-coloured and peas were grey and mushy. Born in Newcastle in 1928,
where his father ran a clothing shop in Hunter Street, he says his
mother as a cook was typical of her time: everything was over-boiled.
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A Taste of Spain – Olsen mixes memory and desire

Australian Financial Review March 2010
Katrina Strickland

The man who is arguably Australia's greatest living artist has combined his love of food and art – and family – in an exhibition with a twist, writes Katrina Strickland.
John Olsen and Stephen Ormandy were discussing openings. The 82-yearald
Olsen has had dozens, including one for his latest show, Culinaria: The
Cuisine of the Sun, which opened at Tim Olsen's Sydney gallery last
night. Olsen's son-in-law, Ormandy, had his second only last month
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Art Design and a Dinosaur

Habitus March 2010
Nicky Lobo

Designer Stephen Ormandy revealed his true origins as an artist when Nicky Logo asked whom it was that inspires him After almost 25 years of creating, the trio behind Dinosaur Designs hardly needs an introdcution. Their name has become synonymous with contemporary Australian design, and the prolific collection of jewellery and homewares produced since their first experiments with resin in 1986 are testament to their relevance and longevity.
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Culinary Arts

Belle April/May 2010
Tanya Buchanan Photos Jeremy Simons

A lifelong love of cooking is the inspiration behind John Olsen's latest exhibition
It's not often that you get the chance to have Australia's greatest
living painter advise you on the finer points of cooking – in
particular. how to make a paella – but that's exactly what happened when
I spoke with Dr John Olsen A0 about hisnew exhibition, Culinaria. The
show, which opened at son Tim Olsen's Woollahra gallery on March 2, is a
series of works celebrating John's well-known passion for food that
began when he lived and worked in Majorca in the 1950s.

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Stephen Ormandy

Inside Out February 2010

Stephen Ormandy – Successfully straddling the divide between the busiens of art and the art of business. Stephen Ormandy met his wife Louise Olsen and Liane Rossler at art school back in the 1980s, and, around that same time, the trio started creating fabric and jewellery to see at Sydney's Paddington Markets.

Dinosaur Den: Steve Ormandy

Grazia January 2010
Susie Burge

A small but perfect garden makes a summery oasis for one cleve design duo, writes Susie Burge

The Art of Collecting

Vogue Australia January 2010
Milissa Deitz

Ever wondered what makes a great art collection? Milissa Deitz talks to a few collectors to determine what drives them to buy a particular work of art.
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Lunch with Mat McHugh and Guido Maestri

Yen December 2009

We join our musician man-crush and the Archibald-winning artiste extraordinaire for some horse play for high achievers
In this case it secures the create space of Guido (Guy) Maestri, who was
until earlier this year a very talented and well-selling, but little
known artist. That was until one not so small painting of musician
Gurrumul Yunupingu saw him take out this country's most famous art
prize, the Archibald. Joining him for catch-ups this afternoon is one of
his ol' mates Mr Mat McHugh – core of the Beautiful Girls and master of
his own solo project.
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Bright Stars – Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy

Vogue Living Australia December 2009
Writer Betsy Brennan, Photographer Prue Ruscoe

A creative couple with an eye for design and an artistic heritage display an impressive collection in a breezy beachside Sydney home.
YOU'VE CLIMBED THE umpteen steps to the front door, but you've come to
the right house – a large, brilliant artwork by Gemma Smith leave  no
doubt. "We love that painting here because it creates a wonderful energy
when you walk in," says Louise Olsen – artist, designer, Dinosaur
Designs creator and living image of her Archibald portrait by David
Bromley (which hangs upstairs, a generous gift from Bromley).
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The Art of Happiness: Emma Walker

Country Style October 2009
Words Alix Johnson, Photograph Jared Fowler

Emma Walker had the art world at her feet, but she had to return to the country to learn she could be creative without feeling miserable.
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Figuratively Speaking

The Spectrum, The Sydney Morning Herald October 17-18 2009
Elissa Blake

Guy Maestri talks to Elissa Blake

Archibald Prize winner Guy Maestri hands me a cane toad. “Feel that,”
he says. “Its skin is like the finest leather. It feels like a
beautiful leather purse.” The toad is dead, by the way, stuffed with
what feels like cotton wool. It’s also been furnished with plastic
googly eyes like those found on a child's toy. But it is wonderfully
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The Hot Seat

The Spectrum, The Sydney Morning Herald 16 May 2009
Elissa Blake

Michael Johnson is rummaging in his back trouser pocket. “I have some
rocks in here,” he says, pulling them out and unfolding his palm. A
cluster of river stones sits in his hand. He gives one to me and one to
the photographer. “They are for luck. Hold them in your hands,” he says
stuffing his own hand back in his pocket. “I'll keep mine in here.”
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Box Office

The Sydney Magazine May 09
Annemarie Lopez

Abstract artist Michael Johnson's vivid grid-like paintings use colour to create energy, His works are inspired by Australian colours – rivers, oceans and earth pigments, even the luminescent patina of a beetle.
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Paul Davies

Wallpaper magazine – Online 29 April 2009

Channelling the bleak panoramic vision of a young David Hockney,
Australian artist Paul Davies’s newest series of paintings, on show
this month at Sydney's Tim Olsen Gallery are a contemporary lesson in pure aesthetics.
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This Week – Sydney

The Australian Financial Review 3-4 April 2009

Until April 5, Robert malherbe will have an exhibition at Tim Olsen Gallery in Woollahra. Born in Mauritius in in 1965, Malherbe immigrated to Australia in 1971.
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My Space

Inside Out Magazine April 2009
Kerrie Davies



While he’s fast gaining recognition for his paintings of deserted,
modernist houses, the cliché of the artist who thrives on solitude
doesn’t apply to Paul Davies. The Sydney artist shares his city studio
warehouse with fashion designers Chronicles of Never and Asuza and the
art directors of The Oxford Art Factory, Edward Woodley and Mark Drew.
Next door is Missoni importers Spence & Lyda, opposite a crowded

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Right Now Art

Belle Magazine April/May 2009
Leeta keens

Paul Davies’ ongoing interest in modern architecture is yet again in his new show at Tim Olsen Gallery.
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Persistance Pays off

Wentworth Courier 11 March 2009
Menios Constantinou

Guy Maestri is no stranger to rejection. Before this year, the Surry
Hills artist had entered eight of his paintings into the Archibald
Prize, each going no further than the storeroom of the Art Gallery of

"So to those artists whose paintings didn't get hung, keep it up," he said.

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So long, salon des refuses: ninth time lucky for artist

The Sydney Morning Herald 7 March 2009
Louise Schwartzkoff

GUY MAESTRI won the Archibald Prize yesterday for a portrait of
the blind Aboriginal singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.

The Sydney artist's work has been rejected eight consecutive
times, ending up in the salon des refuses. But when he saw
Yunupingu perform at the Peats Ridge Music Festival last year he
knew he had found a winning subject.

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Yunipingu portrait wins Archibald

The Sydney Morning Herald 6 March 2009
Louise Schwartzkoff

Artist Guy Maestri has taken out the prestigious Archibald Prize with his portrait of blind Aboriginal singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu.

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Yunupingu portrait wins Archibald

The Australian 6 March 2009

A PORTRAIT of Arnhem Land singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu has won
this year's Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney.
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Guy Maestri Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu wins Archibald Prize

The Daily Telegraph 6 March 2009

Guy Maestri Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu wins Archibald Prize

ARTIST Guy Maestri has taken out the prestigious Archibald Prize with
his portrait of blind Aboriginal singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu.
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The Hot Seat

The Sydney Morning Herald – Spectrum 21-22 February 2009
Elissa Blake

LOOKING for Martine Emdur at her next exhibition opening? Check
the women's toilet. The Sydney artist, described by her friends and
family as "painfully shy", "very humble" and even "a bit kooky", is
more than reticent when it comes to talking about her work and
sipping champagne with potential buyers – she is almost phobic.
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Vera Moller: Hybrids

Australian Art Review February – April 2009
Jo Bertini

Fired by a fascination with the possibilities of the surreal, art intersects  with science, the real converges with the imaginary in a studio inhabited by pseudo-organic objects. Jo Bertini captures the sci-fi world of 'otherness' of Vera Moller.
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Art World

Wrapped December 2008

The New…. Until December 21st David Bromley's famous work can be vewed at the Tim Olsen Gallery.
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The Art Oracle

The Sydney Morning Herald – Goodweekend Saturday 4 October 2008
Michael Reid

Showcasing the best of Australian art, with an eye to artistic merit and market value.
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New Work – Joanna Logue

Art World Oct/Nov 2008
Sarah Hetherington

“How I see the landscape at any given point is how I want to articulate it. I can’t lie; I want to convey the truth of what I see…”

Joanna Logue is based in Oberon in the central west region of New South Wales. She is well known for her atmospheric landscape paintings based on aspects of her immediate environment in Oberon. Although the paintings are inspired by the particular landscape where she lives and are therefore quite personal, Logue pares back the various elements in the composition and softens the focus so that the final works become dreamlike recollections of landscape rather than images tied to a specific place. More recently, Logue’s exploration of the landscape has extended to video, although, as she explains, she will “always be a painter.” 

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Twilight Zone

The Age (Melbourne) Magazine September 2008
Susan Horsburgh

Few see inside artist David Bromley's secret "headquarters" – a vast, crumbling building where Howard Arkley once had a studio. We take a tour…
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Boxoffice – Art

The Sydney Magazine September 08
Annemarie Lopez

Luke Sciberras – Works on Paper
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Tim Storrier AM on Studio

State Library of New South Wales Magazine July 2008

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Raising the Famous Father…

The Weekend Australian Financial Review June 28-29, 2008
Andrew Clark

Children can struggle to find their identities growing up in the shadow of a celebrated parent.
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Pure & Simple

Inside Out Magazine July-August 2008

Angus McDonald's serene and mesmerising still-life paintings make you see objects in a whole new light. "If there's something that binds my pictures together it would be light," says Australian painter Angus McDonald. "In almost every piece, I'm chasing after the light as it passes over surfaces and planes and empty space.
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Open Gallery

Sydney Morning Herald – Spectrum June 7-8 2008
Josephine Tovey

Australian landscapes are usually characterised by dry red earth by Ryan’s paintings work with a different pallette. The Victorian-born artist depicts the landscape of her home state in cool blues and greens, capturing fields and trees in the misty light of a cold, wet morning. read more

The conundrum of Slessor's sixth bell

Sydney Morning Herald: Arts and Entertainment June 3, 2008
Steve Meacham

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Robert Jacks

Art World April/May 2008
Kerrie Davies

Robert Jacks is one of Australia's most well-known abstract artists. He studied sculpture and painting at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in the late 1950s. His first solo exhibition was held at Gallery A in Melbourne in 1966, and in 1968 he was included in The Field, the groundbreaking exhibition of abstraction at the National Gallery of Victoria. Although known as an abstractionist, Jacks's work has numerous figurative references, particularly to musical instruments, reflecting his passionate interest in jazz.
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Face Value

The Sydney Morning Herald 21 – 23 March 2008
Janet Hawley

She's an enormously successful Archibald Prize winner, but Cherry Hood's portraits of beguilingly beautiful boys continue to cause contoversy.  Janet Hawley learns why she can't stop painting them. read more

John Olsen at 80

Australian Financial Review Magazine Summer 2007
Lyndall Crisp

CWK salutes a grand old master from a generation of painters who taught us how to read the country.

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A Palette and a Plate of Paella

The Sydney Morning Herald, Arts & Entertainment Wednesday 14 November 2007
Louise Schwartzkoff

Ahead of his 80th birthday, John Olsen is revisiting his boyhood seaside haunts on canvas, writes Louise Schwartzkoff.

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Memories in the Frame

The Daily Telegraph Thursday November 8, 2007, p17.
Elizabeth Fortescue

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Sea Change

Vogue Living Australia September/October '07
Susan Westwood

Artist John Olsen turns his attention from the outback to the beach in his latest works.

On the eve of his 80th birthday, John Olsen sparkles with excitement as he

reveals he has been realising some new paintings. “I’m in love again,” he says, referring to two vast canvases he’s been working on in his studio over the last three months. They evoke, he says, “memories of being brought up at Bondi and around the harbour. There is such a kind of myth

in Australia of being born under the sun.”

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High Tide for the Harbour Master

The Australian Financial Review, p.20 19 October 2007
Lyndall Crisp

The record-setting John Olsen is still painting with the excitement of a child in awe of Sydney Harbour, writes Lyndall Crisp.

An American collector who'd never heard of John Olsen and had seen only
an image of his work in an email attachment has paid a record price for
a painting sold through an Australian commercial gallery. The prominent Washington art lover, acting on advise from an agent,
paid $750,000 for 'Spring Tide', a 200 x 400cm oil on board by Olsen.
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Pure Poetry of art's dreamers

The Sydney Morning Herald 14 September 2007
Steve Meacham

The idea came from Barry Pearce, head curator of Australian art,
who has prepared the gallery's big summer exhibition, Sidney
Nolan: A New Retrospective
, which opens on November 2. Pearce's
starting point was Nolan's fascination with the 19th century French
poet Arthur Rimbaud.
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Dispatch/ Need to Know Designers

Urbis 2007

Sydney based artist Paul Davies is building a reputation with a new take on landscape painting; glorious panoramas of moderninst houses in bold washes of colour. Inspired by artists like Richard Hamilton and David Hockney, Davies' take on 1970's modernism has resulted in a world of houses that would make perfect feature material for this magazine.
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Philip Hunter – The Memory of Water

Australian Art Collector July – Sept 2007
Ashley Crawford

Philip Hunter's creative enquiry into the sublime and the human psyche
produces his well-recognised and highly idiosyncratic notion of
landscape. Ashley Crawford examines his recent works. Portraits by
Kirstin Gollings.

Portraits by Kirstin Gollings

Bush Art

Vogue Living Australia July/Aug 07
Margie Fraser, Photography by Jared Fowler

After years in a small London loft, artist Stefan Dunlop’s family were
ready for a life change. They found it in the Noosa treetops…

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Desert Heart

Vive Magazine Aug – Sept 2007
Words by Kirsty De Garis

Photography by Prue Ruscoe

Artist Jo Bertini has become a passionate advoctae for the conservation
and understanding of Australia's interior. Her wild, dark curls,
arresting green eyes and sun-kissed complexion belie the city setting
in which we meet. Even in her suburban home, Bertini seems like someone
who is most comfortable sleeping under the stars in a swag. Her shoes
come off within five minutes and conversation swings from her immediate
surroundings to her love of the desert.

Stefan Dunlop

Tema Celeste Contemporary Art 2007
Federico Herrero

The question that is ultimately of interest to me is how to represent
something, not what to represent. This is the focus of my work. A
constant throughout the years has been a refusal to blend color or
tone, to avoid what some people call "brushing out". In my work there
has always been a distinct separation between unmoldulated color fields.

John Olsen

Studio (extract) 2007
John McDonald

John Olsen is used to being treated like a star, but even he was
surprised at the reaction when he won the 2005 Archibald prize with his
Self-portrait, Janus faced. "I felt impaled
by it," he says. "For three months it was impossible to walk the
streets of Sydney or Bowral without being congratulated by very nice
people. I was always being asked for interviews.
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Art Bites

Belle Magazine April/May 2007
Words by Neale Whitaker

A single Chinese lantern hung at the entrance of Tim Olsen's Sydney art
gallery hints at what lies beyond – a feast for the senses to celebrate
the work of artist David Bromley.

Photography by Chris Chen

An Artist's Residence – Inside David Bromley's Private World

Inside Out Magazine March 2007
Words by Rachelle Unreich

Few things can lure artist David Bromley, a self-confessed workaholic,
away from his Melbourne Studio – but furniture shopping and music are
two of them.

Young at Art

The Australian Magazine March 2007
Kerrie Davies

Who wil be the next big names? Kerrie Davies paints portraits of some promising young artists.
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Right Now Art – Double Take

Belle Magazine February 2007
Edited by Leta Keens

Two terrific painting exhibitions are coming up at Sydney's Tim Olsen
Gallery, there's Rhys Lee, named in Australian Art Collector's 50 Most
Collectable Artists. His are lavish and exhilarating works, with a hint
of underlying menace.

Paul Davies' intense, idiosyncratic and popular paintings in homage
to modern architecture, not to mention pools, can be seen at the
Paddington Street Gallery.

Paul Davies, Modern Copy Exterior, 2006 (left)

Rhys Lee, Gaggedfix#8, 2006 (above)

Rhys Lee

Australian Art Collector 2007

50 Most Collectable Artists
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Art splurge: $1m Olsen

Financial Review (page 26, Saleroom) 19th October 2006
Katrina Strickland

Melbourne property developers Lustig & Moar appear intent on paying
record prices for the paintings they want in their new contemporary art
collection. After paying $2.04 million last month for Brett Whiteley’s
Frangipani and Hummingbird: Japanese Summer, setting a new record for
the sale of a Whiteley at auction
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Artwork tops $1m

The Australian Financial Review 16 October 2006
Katrina Strickland

A new record for a work by a living Australian artist was set in Tasmania yesterday when John Olsen's Love in the Kitchen sold for $1.093 million (including buyer's premium) to a private Melbourne collector.
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The Masterly Mr Squiggle

Good Weekend September 2, 2006
Janet Hawley

'You cannot paint true beauty, true happiness, unless you also understand the depths of despair and sorrow.'

John Olsen, grand old man of Australian art, talks to Janet Hawley

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Yen Magazine

Yen Magazine 2006

Directed and managed by Mark Drew and Edward Woodley, founded in 2004
and located in Sydney, China Heights Gallery sits on the 3rd story of a
Surry Hills warehouse where, every Friday night, a cacophony of
creatives, art lovers, locals, hipsters and walk-ins mill around work
from the likes of Kill Pixie, Design is…….
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Dreamy and Sensual

Queensland Weekend Bulletin May 27 – 28 2006
Judy Anderson

Martine Emdur's exhibition, Limelight, now showing at Schubert Contemporary, could be testimony to the words of Ta te Ching, 'nothing in the world is as soft and yeilding as water'. 

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It's an Honour: Australia celebrating Australians

Australian Honours: issue No 15 November 2005

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Master and apprentice: Tim Storrier and friends introduce art’s next generation.

the (sydney) magazine September 2005

“I remember staying up one night with Tim in his studio and doing some drawings. Tim looked at one of them and he worked magi on it. Then he tossed it into the fire.”
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Cool Hand Luke

Vogue Living Australia August 2005
Producer: Susan Westwood

Following in the footsteps of famous landscape artists, Luke Sciberras
takes to the dusty hills of Hill Ed, western NSW, to paint and ponder
the nature of things.

Photography by Tony Amos

2005 Archibald Prize Winner

Art Gallery of NSW 2005

John Olsen has won the 2005 Archibald Prize for his painting Self Portrait Janus Faced.
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Olsen wins Archibald Prize

The Age 29 April 2005
Jane Bardon

Veteran Australian painter John Olsen has won Australia's most
prestigious art competition, the 2005 Archibald Prize for his
painting Self Portrait Janus Faced. Olsen was today announced as the winner of the prestigious
$35,000 portrait prize by the NSW Art Gallery Trust.
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Paintings that find words for the land

Sydney Morning Herald 13 October 2004
Steve Meacham

After a delicious pea risotto which he has cooked himself, John
Olsen is back in the studio on his Southern Highlands property.
It's a beautiful afternoon and the 76-year-old often described as
Australia's greatest living painter can afford to relax. He has
just delivered 14 oil paintings and water colours to his
gallery-owning son, Tim, for framing. Next week, they will go on
show in Paddington, his first exhibition of new works for two
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John Olsen – Clive James Clive James

For all Australians, the name of John Olsen is part of the furniture
of the Sydney Opera House, because his exultant painting “Five Bells” –
based on the poem by Kenneth Slessor – was hanging in the foyer when
the building set sail into the world. But John Olsen’s story is bigger
and more complicated than a single impact,
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John Olsen's and John Wolseley's Journals

National Library of Australia – Articles Sasha Grishin

Why do so
many Australian visual artists keep journals? Do these journals constitute
a specific genre which would distinguish them from autobiographical diaries,
sketchbooks and artist's books? What are the implications of these journals
for their private audiences
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An Artist Celebrates Life

The Age, Page 13, A3 1 May 2003
Ashley Crawford

Lake Eyre continues to inspire artist John Olsen, writes Ashley Crawford. Standing on the edge of the wind-blasted Lake Eyre in late 2001, artist
John Olsen flung his cane to the side. "Isn't this fantastic?," he
cried, grinning broadly.
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Back in stride at 75, Olsen sullies the age ceiling

The Sydney Morning Herald, Page 3, News and Features 30 April 2003
Jo Roberts

The man regarded as Australia's greatest living artist, John Olsen , last night unveiled his first majorexhibition in four years and he was literally climbing the walls.

The 75-year-old took advantage of his improved mobility following knee surgery to complete a sprawling ceiling installation, The Source, for his show at the Metro5 gallery in the inner Melbourne suburb of Armadale
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John Olsen: A Wandering Minstrel

Sunday Programme, Channel 9 30 June 2002
Reporter : Max Cullen Producer: Catherine Hunter

Painter John Olsen is unquestionably one of our greatest living artists
and not only is he a great artist, but he has a reputation for good
living. As NSW Art Gallery Director Edmund Capon says, "John is
the most naturally gregarious spirit that has ever been created. It is
his natural way to be an incurable optimist, to embrace everything and
I think it was from him that I learnt my regular New Year's resolution
which is to give up nothing and take up everything!"
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National Gallery of Australia acquires John Olsen's Sydney Sun

Press Release 7 December 2000
National Gallery of Australia

Director of the National Gallery of Australia, Dr Brian Kennedy, today announced
the purchase of one of John Olsen's most significant paintings, Sydney
1965. 'The Gallery is delighted that this magnificent work by one
of Australia's most distinguished artists is now part of the National Collection
for all Australians to enjoy', he said.
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Worthwhile after all, Olsen celebrates record sale

The Sydney Morning Herald, Page 3, News and Features 30 June 2000
Cynthia Banham

"I felt like the horse that won the Melbourne Cup," the artist John Olsen declared yesterday. He was describing how he felt when his painting, Salute to Cerberus, fetched the highest price paid for an Olsen $486,500 at a Christies auction on Wednesday night. It went to a private buyer.
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John Olsen and Tim Olsen

The Sydney Morning Herald, Page 8 Good Weekend 8 January 2000
Interviewed by Janet Hawley

John Olsen, 71, is a major Australian artist. His son Tim, 37, runs Tim
Olsen Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. John Olsen has been married four
times and has three children. Tim is the son of his second wife, artist
Valerie Olsen.
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Olsen's Five Bells Sells for $258,000

The Sydney Morning Herald, Page 3, News and Features 4 August 1999

The Art Gallery of NSW last night paid an auction-record price of $258,000 for a 1963 John Olsen painting which the artist hailed as one of his four or five best works. Art Gallery spokesman Mr Barry Pearce said Five Bells was "one of, if not, the Olsen masterpiece of thesixties". "We were overwhelmed by its freshness and its clarity of
expression. It is an art-museum picture and a Sydney picture."
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Olsen's frog spawns mobile-phone covers

The Australian Financial Review, Page 33, Computers 13 August 1996
David Crowe

Australian artist John Olsen last night brought aesthetics to
electronics, introducing new artworks that apply his trademark style to
the latest digital mobile phones.

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John Olsen “1969 Landscape”

The University of Adelaide 1993
Stephen Beaumont

The Library is the proud possessor of a work by John Olsen which was kindly
donated to the Barr Smith Library in 1991 by Mr and Mrs Max Harris.
Born in Newcastle in 1928, John Olsen moved to Sydney in 1935. Between 1947 and
1953 he studied under John Passmore, painting portraits and still-lifes with a
marked 'Cezanne-style cubism', a reaction to what he described as the
prevailing 'boutique art' of the early 1950s.
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John Olsen at the AGNSW

Art in America April 1993
Robert Berlind

During an early sojourn in Europe between 1957 and 1960, Australian
painter John Olsen absorbed the influences of, among others, Hayter,
Dubuffet, COBRA artists Lucebert, Jorn and Alechinsky, and Tapies. His
work also shows affinities with Far Eastern art and demonstrates an
interest in literature, particularly such Anglo-Celtic writers as
Yeats, Thomas, Joyce and Beckett.
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As large as life and as profound as the deep blue sea

Ballads of the Dead and Dreaming

Gone at Dusk 2011

For your latest series you close a darkly poetic title, Ballads of the Dead and Dreaming. What are some of the ideas behind the work?


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